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Solo - 45 mins

Chorégraphie et Interprétation: Sébastien Perrault

Musique: Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, Antonio Caldara, Pan Sonic, Trent Reznor

Création lumière: Eric Valentin

Spatialisation musicale: Frédéric Guillaume

"The eye was in the grave and was looking at Caïn"​
Victor Hugo​

Inspired by the mythical story of Caïn and Abel and alike the above sentence written by Victor Hugo, this work does not linger on the originary fratricide but raher attempts to put into perspective the feeling that arises from it...​
Time freeze. Denial at first...Then incomprehension, whereby the body is consumed by remorse. Overwhelmed by inexpliable sensations casting doubt and dread, he is lost; so lost that he no longer knows whether he has committed the irreparable.​
Place of perdition where one is dead, and the other is left alone with himself; here he is, confronted and subject to the oppressive gaze of his own conscience.​
Secluded in a suffocating introspection, confined in the grasp of an endless alienation...isolated...what does he have left?​
In between reminiscence and oblivion, Caïn is at the heart of an impossible redemption, for not only is his mourning illusory, but his guilt is also everlasting.

Une production Cie Sébastien Perrault / Association GCC, avec le soutien du Jardin de Verre (Cholet), Théâtre Toursky (Marseille), en collaboration avec le Théâtre de l'Equinoxe, le CRD du Choletais et à bénéficié de la mise à disposition de studio au Centre National de la Danse à Pantin.

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